Mix your own eliquid favours

There are so many e-liquids on the market that you might be overwhelmed with choices at first, but many people manage to work their way through a lot of different brands and flavours relatively quickly. Once you’ve figured out what you like or don’t like, the prices of some professionally prepared e-liquids can get frustrating and many people turn to the idea of mixing their own.

If you want to experiment with new flavour combinations and create some original DIY e-liquids, here are the most crucial ingredients you will need before you make a start.

1) Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is the most common choice among vapers and will serve as the starting point for mixing your e-liquid. Since it may contain animal fats it isn’t suitable for everyone, so people who are vegetarian/vegan or have allergies to PG will usually use vegetable glycerine (VG) as a substitute. Whichever option you go for, you have to ensure it’s classed as “food grade” so it’s safe to use.

2) Distilled water

This is not always strictly essential, but if you’re using VG as your main liquid base this is usually too thick and you’ll need to add the distilled water in order to make it thinner.Continue reading

Tobacco harm reduction

Tobacco harm reduction forms the basis of an ongoing campaign all over the world. In recent decades we opened our eyes to the devastating health implications of smoking tobacco, a trend that became so popular throughout the last century that it is currently classified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the number one cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes, has long been associated directly with the health risks of tobacco smoking (including cancer and chronic lung disease).

However, while nicotine may be largely responsible for the addictive nature of traditional cigarette smoking, the chemical itself is not particularly harmful at all. Almost all addictive chemicals are damaging to some degree, but essentially nicotine is one of the least directly harmful ingredients found in the average cigarette. The whole point of tobacco harm reduction as a world health strategy is to establish that nicotine can be safely disassociated with the downsides of smoking tobacco, and enjoyed safely in other ways.Continue reading

Cookie flavour eliquid

Mixing your own e-liquids to create an amazing and unique flavour is a rewarding activity that most vapers love to get into after gaining some experience using mods. The beauty of vaping with most of the best mods currently on the market is that you’re able to customise them with different elements to your heart’s content – flexibility and compatibility are our favourite features to look for in a great box mod. What better way to enhance your vaping experience than combining flavoured liquids in new and exciting ways?

A quick side note – experimenting with your own flavours is mainly only for box mod users! If you try to use more advanced e-liquids in a regular electronic cigarette you risk breaking it and wasting your mix.

Once you understand the basics of how to mix your own concentrates with the correct proportions of nicotine and base liquid, you’ll be able to start getting creative. However, it’s important to bear in mind that certain flavour combinations work much better than others, whichever way you choose to combine them and experiment. A few basic rules apply and if you’re into cooking or making cocktails you’ll probably be familiar with the obvious ones.

For example, some fruit flavours work perfectly if you pair them with warm, wintery ingredients, like mixing apple with caramel, ginger or cardamom to produce an e-liquid that tastes like a fresh, home-baked dessert.  Citrus flavours tend to pair well with other tropical fruits, and you can blend in something like coconut or Brazil nut to add a creative flair to the final flavour. If you want some specific ideas for mixes, here are some hints to get you started with a few of our favourite combinations.Continue reading

Innokin Cool Fire 4

Vaping is becoming more and more popular, especially as a wider audience is becoming aware of the benefits of using mods as opposed to simple electronic cigarettes. Technology is always advancing and the range of high-powered mods available is growing, so new flavour experiences are always on the horizon for dedicated vapers. Your preferences and requirements may vary, but here are a few of our favourite box mods that are available to buy in 2016.

Note: It’s worth considering that the tank or clearomiser you normally use will affect the wattage you should go for when selecting your mod. A high powered mod can often come with more problems than benefits, as it may burn and damage your coils. Make your choice wisely after considering all the details, including battery life, the type of battery, coil resistance and more.

Eleaf iStick

Eleaf iStick

The iStick is one of the most sleek and sophisticated new box mods available in 2016. It’s extremely compact and very easy to use, making it popular with experienced vapers and new users alike. It works best with some of the smaller tanks on the market.Continue reading

Electronic Cigarette

Although there is some debate about the health risks associated with e-cigarettes, they are generally considered a significantly healthier alternative to smoking real cigarettes due to the lack of real smoke, tar and other harmful chemicals. To many people, e-cigarettes are simply a method for smokers to give up the habit. However, since their popularisation, e-cigarettes (as well as vaping using mods) have become something of a phenomenon.

The first e-cigarette design is actually over fifty years old. A patent was filed by American inventor Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 for a device that created flavoured vapour instead of burning tobacco rolled in paper. At the time, however, a lack of interest in moving away from traditional cigarettes led to his invention being left on the sidelines for the most part.

It wasn’t until around four decades later that a Chinese scientist named Hon Lik created a very similar device that more closely resembles what we would recognise as an e-cigarette today. The essential part of the design is an element powered by electricity which vaporises a flavoured liquid to produce clouds of harmless “smoke” which could be inhaled in the same way a normal cigarette works. After slowly gaining market share in China, e-cigarettes started to become popular in Europe and the USA by the mid-2000’s. Hon Lik did not originally gain much financially from his success due to many high profile companies using his designs without permission for Western markets, although he successfully took legal action against several of them later.Continue reading