Strange Loopholes In UK Vaping Rules

The UK is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to attitudes towards vaping. Legislation does apply, of course, but for the most part it follows common sense rules. However, there are some slightly strange quirks regarding the law on this matter, and you will find if you look into it closely that the rule simply aren’t consistent enough.

Here we highlight a few examples from across the UK, where the rules simply aren’t clear and are perhaps the result of an error of judgement.

Scottish hospitals

One example is that in Scotland, vaping is banned by default on hospital premises. Many people have questioned this, because people trying to quit smoking should surely be encouraged by healthcare providers. Since the decision was controversial, hospital boards were given the right to overturn the ban if they chose to, and so far several have taken advantage of this.

Train stations and airports

When it comes to transportation, most UK stations and airports follow the same rules, but without actual laws there are always exceptions. For example, Heathrow airport is the only one in the country with a designated vaping zone. Southeastern Trains are in a similar position as the only rail network to permit vaping on their platforms and even on board.

Individual businesses

Since there is no law banning e-cigarettes in public places, businesses are left to make their own decisions about whether to treat all smokers and vapers the same way or not. In many cases, bigger chains will enforce a no smoking, no vaping policy in all their shops to make things easier. Independent businesses will sometimes allow people to vape inside, but it depends on their own views.

There have been a few instances over the years of people being hit with fines or even arrested for vaping in the wrong places, which is despite there being no specific law on such matters. This indicates that proper legislation is required, even as people are becoming gradually more used to the trend.

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