Five Easy Steps To Switch From Smoking To Vaping

If you want to use vaping as a substitute for smoking, you are probably making a wise choice. It’s proven to be a much healthier alternative, and there is an increasing amount of support available for being looking to ditch the habit. Although more than half of people who vape also smoke, you can gradually switch away from tobacco if you follow these steps.

1) Look into NHS support

The NHS officially encourages stop-smoking initiatives to help people who are using e-cigarettes as a method to quit. This means you should be able to get personal or group assistance from any local service in your area.

2) Understand your habit

In order to stop smoking, you first need to figure out why you do it in the first place. Although addiction fuels the habit, there will be specific reasons why you smoke at particular times. If you can identify your triggers you may be able to tackle them directly.

3) Get the right products

There are many products on the market for people interested in vaping, so you might find that something else could work better for you if you aren’t getting to grips with your current choice. You may need to temporarily increase the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids in order to get a strong enough effect, or you might simply want to try more interesting flavours to get more enjoyment from vaping. Speak to a friend or an expert to get ideas and maintain your interest.

4) Stay on track with an app

You can use your phone or smartwatch to help you quit smoking by installing an application of your choice to assist you. Many apps on the market are designed to help you track your habits and change your behaviour. An app could remind you what you should be doing, track your achievements and even tell you much you’ve saved by not smoking. The idea is to boost your motivation constantly to keep you going.

5) Make steady progress

A major change in your life such as quitting smoking doesn’t have to happen overnight. It is usually much better to go slowly so that you can maintain your pace and don’t lose momentum later. Using any of the previously mentioned tips may help you stay on track and eventually make the switch from smoking to vaping. Good luck!

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