Cancer Research UK Finally Confirms Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

Scientists working on behalf of Cancer Research UK have finally announced that vaping is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes according to real scientific data. This represents a major breakthrough for the vaping community, as this kind of endorsement has been out of reach for many years despite the intuition behind it.

Many people like to tar others with the same brush, whether they smoke cigarettes or use electronic vaping devices. However, there are many fundamental differences between the two habits and only one of them has been proven to have significant long term health risks. Vaping is known to eliminate many of the most severe health risks associated with smoking tobacco, but despite this it has rarely been officially acknowledged as a healthier alternative.

In this case, a study financed by Cancer Research UK took place over the course of six months. The aim was to examine the effects of vaping as a substitute for smoking, by having a group of people take this up for the duration of the experiment. After this, they were tested for various known toxins and carcinogenic substances which could increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Unsurprisingly, the findings were that toxin levels in the people who vaped instead of smoked actually reduced.

Of course, this is not the first study to look at the health benefits of vaping. Many more examples exist, but have not been widely reported or taken seriously by major companies or healthcare providers. For example, Public Health England said that vaping is 95% safer than smoking according to research conducted in 2016. Although e-cigarettes are not a miracle cure, they are certainly a safer substitute for cigarettes, and yet the general public rarely hears this viewpoint.

This is a cause for concern, not only for those in the business who get frustrated with the stigma surrounding vaping, but for anyone who wants better provision of alternatives to smoking. Perhaps if the global community was more receptive to positive stories about vaping, we would see an increased interest in the trend and a reduction in the number of people still smoking harmful tobacco.

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