What is dripping?

What is dripping?

Dripping is a slightly different process to vaping that requires slightly different equipment, although the concept is very similar. You can still use the same e-liquids and almost the same devices to vaporise them, but what you do differently is based around the cartomiser that you would normally fill with juice before vaping. In the case of dripping, this is actually not used or required at all.

Instead, what you would normally do is drip just a few droplets of your chosen e-liquid directly onto the most important part of your atomiser, more specifically the coil or the bridge. To do this you would need to remove the tip of a pen-style device, insert the drips and replace the lid.

You can replace parts on your device to make this easier and stop you from having to dismantle your device repeatedly. For example, it is common for people who enjoying dripping regularly to remove the bridge which usually covers the coil to spread out the liquid, and instead drip the liquid onto the coils themselves manually. You may also choose to use a drip tip on your device with a greater width which makes it easier to drip. This is a major advantage because you can keep your device in one piece while vaping with this method.

In fact, it can be annoying for some people even using these modifications, or having to take apart their atomiser to add the drips, which may be the main reason why dripping is not done by everyone. However, if you don’t mind repeating the process, the benefit is that you can create stronger flavours and more dense vapour clouds. The intensity of the flavour is well worthwhile for some people to keep dripping, as long as it’s convenient to keep adding more drips. Another advantage is that you can experiment with different flavours and easily switch between them, because you are only adding a few drips of liquid at a time.

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