The best craft e-liquids

Suicide Bunny

Craft e-liquids are a specific category of higher end e-liquids that you may be particularly interested in if you’re really getting into the world of vaping as a hobby. These more sophisticated products have been created with a bit more care and attention than your classic bargain basement e-liquids that might have more weak, basic and artificial flavours.

Craft e-liquids will be made from higher quality ingredients by people with a real understanding of how to make the flavours more intense and provide a great vaping experience. Here are some of the top brands to consider when shopping for craft e-liquids.

Five Pawns

This Californian brand is really going for a classy and elegant design scheme, with a traditional look despite the modern industry it’s in. You’ll find Five Pawns in only the best vaping boutique stores, and they have a small selection of very high quality flavours to try.

Space Jam

A lot of the best craft e-liquid brands are based in California, a real hotspot for vaping, and Space Jam Robo Fuel is another juice brand to come from the state. They have seven simple but exciting fruit flavours on their menu, which have been very positively reviewed.

The Standard

If you’re interested in highly sophisticated and mature flavours, The Standard may become your go-to brand. Their artistic bottle designs stand out on the top shelf of any high-end vape shop, and the contents are just as attractive to any vaping fan looking for delicious and creative twists on classic e-juice flavours.

Jimmy the Juice Man

At one time these e-liquids were very hard to get hold of due to limited production capacity in their hometown of Chicago. Now it’s easier to get hold of these infamously tasty liquids at the best vaping shops. Their six flagship flavours are all very high quality and well worth a try.

Suicide Bunny

Another American craft e-liquid specialist is Suicide Bunny, a brand with only five flavours to its name. This is all they need, since those five are extremely popular among many true vaping enthusiasts thanks to the great deal of research and development that was put into sourcing the best ingredients for them.

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