How To Mix Your Own DIY E-Liquids

Mix your own eliquid favours

There are so many e-liquids on the market that you might be overwhelmed with choices at first, but many people manage to work their way through a lot of different brands and flavours relatively quickly. Once you’ve figured out what you like or don’t like, the prices of some professionally prepared e-liquids can get frustrating and many people turn to the idea of mixing their own.

If you want to experiment with new flavour combinations and create some original DIY e-liquids, here are the most crucial ingredients you will need before you make a start.

1) Propylene Glycol (PG)

This is the most common choice among vapers and will serve as the starting point for mixing your e-liquid. Since it may contain animal fats it isn’t suitable for everyone, so people who are vegetarian/vegan or have allergies to PG will usually use vegetable glycerine (VG) as a substitute. Whichever option you go for, you have to ensure it’s classed as “food grade” so it’s safe to use.

2) Distilled water

This is not always strictly essential, but if you’re using VG as your main liquid base this is usually too thick and you’ll need to add the distilled water in order to make it thinner.

3) Nicotine liquid

There are lots of choices of where to buy nicotine liquid, but usually the best range is found online from specialist suppliers. If you’re mixing your own e-liquids then logically you need to go for unflavoured nicotine liquid. A good starting point would be a 50mg option.

4) Flavourings

Depending on the concentration of your flavour, you may need only 5% of your final mixture to be flavouring, or it could be as much as 20%. You’ll need to be careful with your flavour concentrates to ensure you get the balance right, and it might take a few attempts.

5) Equipment

You’ll require some supplies for your mixing process, including a range of different sized bottles (for example, between 10ml and 100ml). Pipettes or syringes are ideal for transferring small, specific amounts of each ingredient.

Once you have all your ingredients and supplies together, you can move onto the actual mixing process. Getting the balance just right between all these elements is really crucial to make sure your vaping experience is as good as it can be, so it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you’re measuring your ingredients properly. The best way of ensuring the proportions are correct is to use an online e-liquid calculator, which will let you calculate the necessary amounts of each liquid to produce a final product with the desired flavour and strength. Once the maths is sorted, that’s really all there is to it, and you can let your creative e-juices start flowing.

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