E-Liquid Flavour Combinations

Cookie flavour eliquid

Mixing your own e-liquids to create an amazing and unique flavour is a rewarding activity that most vapers love to get into after gaining some experience using mods. The beauty of vaping with most of the best mods currently on the market is that you’re able to customise them with different elements to your heart’s content – flexibility and compatibility are our favourite features to look for in a great box mod. What better way to enhance your vaping experience than combining flavoured liquids in new and exciting ways?

A quick side note – experimenting with your own flavours is mainly only for box mod users! If you try to use more advanced e-liquids in a regular electronic cigarette you risk breaking it and wasting your mix.

Once you understand the basics of how to mix your own concentrates with the correct proportions of nicotine and base liquid, you’ll be able to start getting creative. However, it’s important to bear in mind that certain flavour combinations work much better than others, whichever way you choose to combine them and experiment. A few basic rules apply and if you’re into cooking or making cocktails you’ll probably be familiar with the obvious ones.

For example, some fruit flavours work perfectly if you pair them with warm, wintery ingredients, like mixing apple with caramel, ginger or cardamom to produce an e-liquid that tastes like a fresh, home-baked dessert.  Citrus flavours tend to pair well with other tropical fruits, and you can blend in something like coconut or Brazil nut to add a creative flair to the final flavour. If you want some specific ideas for mixes, here are some hints to get you started with a few of our favourite combinations.

1) Chocolate Orange

A simple winning combination of the richest chocolate e-liquid you can find, along with an orange or orange cream flavour, can create a great effect if you use roughly a 2:1 ratio. This one is pretty festive but you can enjoy it all year round if you want to, all without ever having to bash your mod on the table to break it into segments.

2)  Custard Cream

The unique flavour of a custard cream biscuit works amazingly well as an e-liquid. You’ll need a fair amount of different flavours to get this right – try combining a few types of vanilla, like cheesecake, cupcake, custard and ice cream to find the basis of your flavouring. Then you’ll need smaller amounts of some less common liquids – a combination of butter cream, meringue and marshmallow works well. You’ll need to try a few different versions to get it to your taste, but it always turns out delicious.

3) Strawberry & Cream Waffles

Sticking with the dessert theme, this e-liquid flavour combination is one of our ultimate classic dessert mixes. It works best with the most realistic strawberry flavour you can find, mixed in equal parts with waffle flavour before adding some smaller amounts of caramel, marshmallow and another creamy flavour of your choice.

4) Cookie Monster

Are you sensing a theme? We like dessert flavours. There are a range of sweet cookie flavours available and any of these will work well to form the basis of this combination. Add caramel, chocolate or even peanut butter in smaller quantities to add some depth to your unique cookie blend.

5) Ultimate Citrus

With so many different fruit flavoured e-liquids out there you might struggle to choose a combination, so sticking to the classic lemon and lime isn’t a bad idea to get you started. However, the best way to jazz it up in your own unique way is to swap the standard fruit syrups for fizzy sherbet varieties. These might not have the same strength so make sure you balance the amounts carefully to get an equally lemon and lime flavour.

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