5 Must-Try E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates

For people who are into vaping, whether it’s as an aid to quitting smoking for just because they enjoy it, experimenting with different flavour combinations can be the most fun part. If you’re going one level up from pre-made e-cigarettes, perhaps using a more substantial mod to vape, you can try out some more advanced liquids and mix your own DIY combinations. Flavourings for e-liquids are available from many great brands, but we would recommend trying some of these for a really great vaping experience.

1) Flavour ArtFlavourArt

This UK brand has one of the widest ranges of flavours around, with over 180 different varieties to taste. Their liquids are available in nicotine-free varieties as well as the traditional ones which do contain a certain percentage of it. As well as different collections of flavours including Fruit, Sweet and Passion, they even offer a tasting sample kit as well as special flavour enhancing ingredients.

Capella2) Capella

For a huge range of fruit and dessert themed e-liquids which are cheap and also taste incredible, Capella is one of your top options. They have some really unique flavours, and just a few examples include Cake Batter, Dragon Fruit, New York Cheesecake and many more exciting options. Although they are great for e-liquid mixing, Capella flavourings are actually designed for use in any food or drink, especially for diabetic people since they don’t contain any fat or sweeteners.

Flavor West3) Flavor West

This brand offers a selection of base liquids including glycerin and propylene glycol which you can use as the basis for your e-liquids, and they also stock a broad range of the flavours that you’ll need to mix with them. Some of their most unique flavours include Absinthe, American Tobacco, Biscotti and Blackcurrant Mojito.

flavour apprentice4) The Flavor Apprentice

Again, this great brand of flavouring ingredients produces food-safe flavours that are designed to be put in food and drink recipes, but they are perfect for vapers to use in their e-liquid mixes. They sell a wide variety of different flavours grouped be category to help you be more creative, including Cereal, Chocolate and Savoury collections.

inawera5) Inawera

This Polish brand rounds off our top 5 when it comes to e-liquid flavourings to try. They sell an excellent selection of flavourings that can be used for e-cigarettes, mods and even other purposes like mixing cocktails. They have many types of classic fruit flavours, some more unusual choices and the base liquids you’ll require for mixing.

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