Cloud Chasing

When people take their vaping really seriously, many start to get into cloud chasing. It has been dismissed by some people as showing off, and it’s also considered rude to constantly blow massive clouds of vapour in public, but that doesn’t stop some e-liquid vapers from enjoying the practice and even making it into something of a competitive sport. There are even several global contests offering significant prizes for the best cloud chasers.

All of this comes down to the skills of those people when setting up their tools, including the atomisers that produce the clouds and the e-liquids that go into them. Here is a basic summary of what aspiring cloud chasers should be considering if they want to get into it.


Powered mods will need a suitable battery to give the best results, which means it needs to provide the correct level of power, and above all be safe.


A major factor is the physical design of your mod and choice of coil, which will vary the resistance. This is definitely going to have an impact on the sort of vapour clouds you produce.Continue reading

Innokin Cool Fire 4

Vaping is becoming more and more popular, especially as a wider audience is becoming aware of the benefits of using mods as opposed to simple electronic cigarettes. Technology is always advancing and the range of high-powered mods available is growing, so new flavour experiences are always on the horizon for dedicated vapers. Your preferences and requirements may vary, but here are a few of our favourite box mods that are available to buy in 2016.

Note: It’s worth considering that the tank or clearomiser you normally use will affect the wattage you should go for when selecting your mod. A high powered mod can often come with more problems than benefits, as it may burn and damage your coils. Make your choice wisely after considering all the details, including battery life, the type of battery, coil resistance and more.

Eleaf iStick

Eleaf iStick

The iStick is one of the most sleek and sophisticated new box mods available in 2016. It’s extremely compact and very easy to use, making it popular with experienced vapers and new users alike. It works best with some of the smaller tanks on the market.Continue reading