e cigaretteE-cigarettes are becoming a popular choice for many. It comes with various designs and fruity flavours that many people crave for. If you are one of the many, who are looking to invest in this market and are looking for a wholesale distributor of e-cigarettes, it’s wise to look at the following factors before finally ordering from a distributor.

Product reviews

E-cigarettes come in different flavours, eJuice, shapes and accessories. So before choosing a distributor, it’s ideal to look at the product reviews and find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of their products. You can also read their service review and see if they are a reliable company.

Vape flavours

The vape flavours are an essential aspect of e-cigarettes. Before buying, list all the flavours that you want for your shop and are more likely to be high in demand with customers. More and more flavours are being introduced, and it’s worth going with a distributor who can provide you all the flavours that you need. Some distributors are also known to send out samples of their flavours to their buyers so make sure to inquire about them before finally purchasing the product.

Extra batteries

Vapes are run using batteries and chargers. However, vapes will tend to run out when being used consistently. Some people find it irritating to keep charging their devices, so it’s worth investing in spare batteries that provide a more long-lasting power than a regular charger. As there are different types of e-cigarette devices, make sure to look for suitable batteries for each device.

Choosing a device

When buying a device, look at all the options available. Are you looking for affordable or expensive devices? You may also keep in mind that devices that are high in price don’t always mean it’s high quality. Usually, prices are increased when the device has a material that’s more expensive or have an extra feature.

Refund policy

It’s important to find out the refund policy of the distributor in case you weren’t happy with some of the products you have purchased.

Although many people are happy to see vaping or using e-cigarettes as a beneficial and healthy alternative to smoking tobacco, there are still many others who don’t see it that way. Unfortunately, a lot of people make a snap judgement without knowing all the facts because there are several popular myths about vaping which simply aren’t true. Here are just some of the most common myths, debunked.

Vaping devices can explode

Technically this is possible, in the same way that most electronic devices have the capacity to malfunction or pose a safety risk. However, e-cigarettes and box mods are highly unlikely to explode, catch fire or anything else unless they’re very poorly made or you use them incorrectly.

Cheap or fake products may be missing the “CE” mark which is a sign that legal requirements for manufacturing safe products have actually been met. The older style e-cigarettes (with the appearance of real cigarettes) often suffer from this. Faulty or incompatible chargers can also cause issues in very rare cases. On the whole, though, the risk of your mod or e-cigarette exploding while in use is next to non-existent.

Vaping is just as bad as smoking

Fortunately, there is plenty of scientific evidence to confirm that this is not the case. Although long term research is still needed and nobody can really say for sure what the long term effects of vaping are, it certainly eliminates a lot of the risk associated with the carcinogenic chemicals in standard cigarettes. Studies have shown that smoking is actually at least 20 times as harmful as vaping.

Vapers move on to smoking and other drugs

There are people who claim that teenagers start vaping before moving onto tobacco or even other drugs. There is actually no evidence to suggest this is the case, and in fact a very small proportion of teens or children actually use e-cigarettes or mods without first smoking tobacco. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of under-18s take up tobacco smoking every year for unrelated reasons.

Electronic Cigarette

Although there is some debate about the health risks associated with e-cigarettes, they are generally considered a significantly healthier alternative to smoking real cigarettes due to the lack of real smoke, tar and other harmful chemicals. To many people, e-cigarettes are simply a method for smokers to give up the habit. However, since their popularisation, e-cigarettes (as well as vaping using mods) have become something of a phenomenon.

The first e-cigarette design is actually over fifty years old. A patent was filed by American inventor Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963 for a device that created flavoured vapour instead of burning tobacco rolled in paper. At the time, however, a lack of interest in moving away from traditional cigarettes led to his invention being left on the sidelines for the most part.

It wasn’t until around four decades later that a Chinese scientist named Hon Lik created a very similar device that more closely resembles what we would recognise as an e-cigarette today. The essential part of the design is an element powered by electricity which vaporises a flavoured liquid to produce clouds of harmless “smoke” which could be inhaled in the same way a normal cigarette works. After slowly gaining market share in China, e-cigarettes started to become popular in Europe and the USA by the mid-2000’s. Hon Lik did not originally gain much financially from his success due to many high profile companies using his designs without permission for Western markets, although he successfully took legal action against several of them later.Continue reading